The Magic of Belonging

Are sensitive to the energy of others, or feel uncomfortable and tend to shy away from social situations? 

When hanging out with people, do you sometimes feel awkward, out of place, or like you are meant to be a lone wolf? 

Are you ready to integrate the awkward into vibrant connections? 

Get a taste of the magic of belonging & experience how you can shift your life from surviving to thriving!

Get ready to experience the “Magic of Belonging” where awkward is the new cool.

During this 8 week online, intimate group program you will:

  • Discover how to consistently feel more confident & grounded in any situation
  • Develop better communication and listening skills
  • Learn how to feel more present in your body when you’re alone and among others
  • Expand your confidence, playfulness, and self expression


You will get the tools you need so that you can feel, know, and have confidence everyday that allows you to be yourself & feel like you belong anywhere & everywhere. Do you desire…

  • To stay more calm & centered in the midst of difficulty?
  • Clearer more grounded thoughts, energy and emotional states?
  • To Trust yourself more?
  • Nourishing Relationships with self, loved ones & community?
  • To learn to Communicate more clearly and authentically, yet also compassionately?
  • To feel seen, heard & understood?
  • To have the Courage to act on your intuition?
  • To feel more connected to your desires?
  • To connect to the wisdom of your heart?
  • To move from living a life of Fear to one filled with Love?
  • To experience more Grace, Ease and Joy in your life?
  • To finally feel like you belong?


  • You are someone who is deeply empathetic
  • You find it a struggle to stay open to connection in a world that can feel shocking
  • You long to have clearer boundaries & grow a healthy ‘psychic skin’
  • You are looking for jedi ninja skills of relating to transform your sensitivities into superpowers
  • You are ready to experience the magic of belonging!

We will be meeting in 6 live online group sessions over 8 weeks, with a couple of ‘rest’ weeks strategically sprinkled in for catching up, integrating, and deepening connections. The awakening will be fun and will include:

  • embodiment tools
  • movement meditations
  • communication & connection games
  • heart sharing & reflection
  • coaching and feedback
  • community support
  • weekly buddies


We meet on Zoom, Wednesdays at 2pm PDT

Next round starting July 2022

Have questions? Email Nancy @ or

Book a discovery call with Nancy by clicking here

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